Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

JST IrcBot revisited

Maybe you remember the shellinjection I reported yesterday.
This morning I took the time to read a bit through the code

 JST Perl IrcBot v3.0 / 2011 by FrankBlack @ Millenium Group
 Stealth MultiFunctional IrcBot writen in Perl
 Teste on every system with PERL instlled     

 This is a free program used on your own risk.  
 Created for educational purpose only.             
 I'm not responsible for the illegal use of this program. 

The bot has some nice features and is very nice written. 
Again the software is detected via clamscan

den: Trojan.IRCBot-1142
and if it is not a mistake (by not changing the origin address)

even as it looks like a example, the domain well responds to ping and the IRC server runs :-)